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Starting your small business as a computer consultant involves dealing with clients from all walks of life with different perspectives. There will always be different customers and clients that need your attention and service. The idea of valuing customers and keeping them for longer lasting business relations must be a crucial business owner’s issue that needs to be treated well. Over the course of time, you will always meet both macro and micro clients and they will always struggle in a client rivalry situation just to experience your best quality service. It is your responsibility to know how to deal with different clients and keep them in tune with your company’s standards and finances.

Macro or Micro Clients

At the first month of your business as a computer consultant, you usually get clients who want your IT services to meet their immediate needs in the small business arena. These clients may just have about 3-5 computer sets in running their businesses. Since you are just starting to market your services and you want to show your first batch of clients that you have a great promise to offer to whoever comes your way as a computer consultant, then you will greatly show all impressive efforts to serve these small clients. The news about your excellent service rapidly spreads all over the micro clients and IT services world that more and more micro clients wants to experience your high quality computer consulting efforts in providing them IT solutions. Of course, you want to keep 소액결제현금화  your first clients for regular work as they have been your good clients ever since.

You don’t even want to offend new clients so you also offered to help them by rendering your best IT solutions. You even get more clients along the way and your business has started to grow in fame and in bigger income since most new clients are not just small business owners but belongs to larger company groups as well. You feel overwhelmed but somehow confused as to how you can manage your time and energy to serve all these clients in every excellent way you have ideally and consistently managed.

The question about which clients to choose to deal business with becomes a problematic issue. Are you going to close your doors and windows to micro clients and focus on macro clients alone? Are you doing the right thing for all possible opportunities for a successful computer consulting business? Is mixing micro and macro clients an ideal formula for a successful computer consulting business?

Pick the Right Choice

The rule of getting the best choice for the best opportunities not only applies to a computer consulting business but to all kinds businesses for long term success. The best move is to ask yourself wisely which small business you serve has strong potentials for growth in the next two years. If you have one or two micro clients who apparently passed this assessment, then proceed to the next bigger but wiser move. Are these micro clients you have selected deliver payments on time and easy to deal with? If yes, retain them as your clients for life. If not, proceed to divert your attention to macro clients.


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